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International Links

Dreams & Teams 

This experience is open to Year 10 students who have developed leadership qualities throughout their time within the Academy.  A successful initiative for over 15 years, Dreams and Teams is an international exchange programme with a Polish school from the rural village of Milikawo.  We host students in our school for a week and plan and organise a range of activities to showcase what the North East has to offer.  We visit local landmarks and try  to immerse the Polish students in local heritage and culture.  In return they do the same when we visit them.  A sports festival is planned for the local community in both countries and the two schools work together as one to deliver this effectively,

This visit is unique.  New friendships are made and are cemented over a lifetime.  A popular visit with students and staff, it is a pinnacle of our year here at the Academy and will remain integral to the school for years to come.