Biddick Academy - Helping Your Child (Homework / Revision)

Helping Your Child (Homework / Revision)

Home work helps to encourage good study habits and self-discipline. It fosters a spirit of enquiry and curiosity, things which are fundamental to the enjoyment of learning.

Biddick Academy regards homework for all year groups as an integral and essential part of school life. It is a key factor in ensuring that each pupil achieves his or her potential and is set regularly.

What Types Of Homework Will Be Given?

Homework can take a variety of forms:

  • Preparation for lessons
  • Follow up to class work
  • Research
  • Talking with adults
  • Reading
  • Revising and preparation for exams.

Many pupils seek additional homework because they enjoy working at home. We encourage them in this and so extra work is always available.

Support After School

All pupils can also use our library resource area on a lunchtime and for an hour each evening, when a member of staff will be available. For more specific help many departments have regular after school clubs, clinics and lessons when staff are at hand to support homework or teach extension work.

Parents’ Support With Homework

Homework must always be written into pupil planners. Parents are asked to read and sign planners at least once a week and to check daily that all homework has been completed properly. If homework is not presented on time, or is disappointing, we may ask for your support.

Teachers give pupils advice on study skills and how to produce their best work at home.

Pupils Responsibilities In The Upper Academy

Throughout their academy life pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for their learning. In Years 10 and 11 pupils, teachers and parents must be working together. Through annual reports, short reports, letters home, our ‘Weekly News’ and reminders in pupil planners all pupils and parents will be regularly supplied with details of:

  • When coursework is due
  • What each assignment entails
  • When an assessment is imminent
  • Each pupil’s individual targets
  • Each pupil’s expected GCSE grades.

In these ways you can support your children with homework.

Please access the following link for information and advice around studying and revising for lessons and exams

Year 11 Study Skills Guide