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Accelerated Reader


At Biddick Academy our ultimate aim is for all of our young people to be able to easily access GCSE texts in KS4 starting right away in Year 7 by trying to find ways to encourage them to read for pleasure, through our Accelerated Reader programme, whilst improving their reading ages along the way.

How it Works:

Students take a diagnostic reading test (STAR ASSESSMENT) to determine their reading age during each term. This allows them to be able to choose books of an appropriate reading level within their ZPD range.

After each book they read students must then take a quiz. These quizzes help to motivate and monitor their reading performance, develop their comprehension and extend their vocabulary as they help to ensure that every student is understanding what they are reading.

Reading and quizzing opportunities are given to all our young people during Enhancement and in some of their English lessons. According to STAR ASSESSMENT results some students will be given additional intervention where they will attend small groups with an adult to promote reading for pleasure, to develop self-confidence and promote a positive mind-set where reading is concerned.

What can you do from home to support?

You, as parents, can receive immediate feedback on the reading progress of your child via something called HOMECONNECT. This connects us with you to keep you informed of your child’s progress in the Accelerated Reader Programme. All you need to do is follow this link: (the students use their normal log in details). Simply enter your email address in the top-right of the site, this will sign you up to emails for life (or until your child stops using the programme).

  • Encourage your child to read at home for about 20 minutes each day – this is the exercise required to develop your child’s thinking skills

  • Remind them that they should have their books and reading log with them every day

  • Help them with difficult vocabulary

  • Show interest and ask them questions about the stories/books they are reading

  • Encourage them to take care of their books and to take responsibility for their reading progress

  • Make sure you have lots of books and magazines around the house and show your child how to access eBooks

Finding books that your child might want to read

AR Bookfinder is a website that helps you to check to see if a book has a quiz. This gives your child the opportunity to read their own books at home so that they can complete Accelerated Quizzes on them in school. AR Bookfinder can be found by following this link:


If you would like any support with helping your child to develop their reading age please contact Karin Sehnal,