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School Games

Biddick Academy is a host site for one of only three Sunderland School Games Organisers. Their role is to encourage participation for local Primary and Secondary Schools by hosting events and competitions in a wide range of sporting events. Part of their remit is to encourage healthy, active lifestyles for all, including outside the parameters of school and ensure sustainability into adult life, providing options for future pathways and community links.

Beyond the realms of competition, School Games Organisers are a point of contact and provide guidance and support to all Sunderland school’s with regards to PE provision. They can help provide specialised training for teachers, equipment, signpost them to local clubs and activities taking place.

Ensuring opportunities for all school pupils in Sunderland, the School Games also look to broaden participation through volunteering and workforce roles. An SGO actively promotes the ways in which the School Games and competitive sport can contribute to school priorities and support the aspirations and achievements of young people in local schools.

Biddick Academy as a school are actively engaged in the School Games program and are currently holders of the highly coveted Gold School Games Mark award. This academic year so far 24 teams have attended competitions with many progressing to the regional round to represent Sunderland these include rowing, Sports Hall Athletics, Handball, swimming and trampolining. The opportunities provided to all Biddick students in both PE lessons and extracurricular clubs have allowed them to experience a wide variety of sports and develop their skills. The School Games look to instil the values of respect, determination, sportsmanship whilst providing a high quality competition environment for pupils to participate in.

Active links and engagement with sports clubs have led to many Biddick pupils joining local teams and furthering their development as players.

Biddick Academy’s leadership pathway have also provided a skilled workforce of sports leaders to several Sunderland School Games events such as swimming, infant agility, tennis, athletics, amongst others. The skills learned and practised by sports leaders such as communication, teamwork, responsibility through officiating and leading these events can be transferred in to many other aspects of the pupil’s personal development.

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