Biddick Academy - What we believe in

What we believe in

What we believe in

Academic success is at the forefront of our agenda, however, our philosophy puts wider opportunities alongside this success to produce well-rounded individuals. This philosophy has enabled the Academy to build its reputation over the last thirty years.

We believe that every child can succeed, regardless of their starting point and that we never reach the finishing line.

We want to provide our students with the best possible opportunities and inspire them to have the highest aspirations as possible. We pride ourselves on knowing all of our students as individuals. We believe passionately that everyone has something that they are good at and the ethos of the Academy is to bring out the best in every individual.

For Biddick Academy to be the best it can possibly be, with young people experiencing the highest quality of education.

At Biddick Academy we want our young people to:

  • Experience happiness, enjoyment and feel valued
  • Be ready and qualified to take on the next stage of their learning through the promotion of the highest academic standards
  • Have aspirations to be the best that they can be
  • Act with integrity
  • Be competent and confident individuals
  • Be responsible, resilient and independent
  • Take part in creative, cultural, sporting and innovative activities
  • Appreciate cultures and sensitivities of other people